almolinesterno Al Molin, in welcoming home from a factory of the early twentieth century (mill, bakery, pasta factory) is situated at the foot of Mount Legnone (highest peak in the Orobic Alps, 2610 m high) and surrounded by green fields. It enjoys a splendid panoramic view on Lake Como, Val Chiavenna, Valtellina and Val Menaggio.

Ideally situated just a few minutes from the lake, it offers spacious rooms and an apartment for a total of 10 beds.

The thickness of the walls helps to maintain an ideal temperature throughout the year and to keep the spacious and well furnished rooms noiseless.

terrazzo As Al Molin farmhouse overlooks a quiet street and a 360 ° panoramic view, you can admire the most famous "literary landscape", immortalized in The Betrothed by A. Manzoni during the Romantic period and the Italian-Swiss range of mountains, as well as the Orobic Alps.

This residence is recommended for all ages, even for the climate, in fact, the protection of the mountains and the thermal regulation of the lake provide it with a mild temperature.

There are two prevailing winds or breezes, the Montiva or Tivano blowing from north to south and the Breva blowing in the opposite direction but after midday.